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Capturing Love: Emily and Erik's Magical June Wedding

I am thrilled to share the love story of Emily and Erik, whose beautiful journey down the aisle unfolded on June 3rd, 2023. Being part of their special day was an absolute delight!

Exactly one year before their wedding, we wandered through John Boyd Thatcher State Park taking in the beautiful landscape, freezing moments of laughter, stolen glances, and the undeniable spark between Emily and Erik. Having their dog Cooper along for the ride during their session made it all even more fun! Little did we know that this engagement session was just the prelude to a love story that would culminate in a magical celebration.

Back to their wedding day!

Despite the unexpected cloudy and chilly weather for a June day, the atmosphere on their wedding day was warm with anticipation and love. Erik's excitement to see Emily was palpable, creating an atmosphere charged with emotion. The rain held out just enough for us to capture some photos outside of the church, St. John the Apostle.

After their ceremony, we headed to the Central Park Rose Garden for family photos and couple portraits (my favorite!). As a wedding photographer, it truly never gets old seeing just how happy and excited your couple is now that they are finally officially married! The giggles of joy, admiring the new accessories on their hands, taking in all of the little moments blissfully in love. One of the standout features of Emily and Erik's wedding for me was Emily's bouquet—a wildflower dream that perfectly complemented her grace and beauty. The vibrant colors and delicate arrangements suited her personality so well, adding an extra layer of charm.

Emily and Erik chose the Terrace at Water's Edge for their reception, a venue that provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration. The dance floor became a stage for their beautifully choreographed first dance, a mesmerizing performance that showcased their deep connection. Erik's strength and Emily's elegance shone through as he effortlessly lifted her, twirling and spinning around to the delight of their guests.

Adding a personal touch to their wedding, Emily and Erik featured their beloved dog, Cooper. Using Polaroid photos of Cooper, guests were invited to leave heartfelt messages in the guestbook—a unique and heartwarming idea. Cooper also made a special appearance on their cake topper, solidifying his place as an adorable and cherished part of their love story.

As a wedding photographer, capturing the joy, love, and unique moments of Emily and Erik's wedding was truly an honor. Their day was a testament to the beauty of love, the magic of unexpected weather, and the importance of personal touches that make a celebration uniquely yours. Congratulations to Emily and Erik, as they embark on this incredible journey of marriage, surrounded by the warmth of family, the echoes of laughter, and the enduring memories captured on their special day. May your love story continue to blossom and inspire!

Venue - Terrace at Water's Edge

Church - St. John the Apostle

Hair/Makeup - Studio Orlo

Suits - Men's Warehouse

Bridal Shop - David's Bridal

Invitations - Canva

Florals - Wildflower Florist LLC

DJ - Conway Entertainment

Cake - Villa Italia

Photography - Rockwell Photography

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