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A Rainy Day Romance; Ben & Katie's Wedding at Brookledge

Love knows no bounds, and for Ben and Katie, their wedding day at Brookledge, a nature clad venue just outside of Saratoga Springs was a testament to that. This lovely duo got married in the midst of Summer on July 29, 2023. As the first couple to book this enchanted space, their love story unfolded amidst the raindrops, creating a day filled with warmth, joy, and unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

The Enchanted Venue:

Brookledge, owned and operated by the visionary Helen Christopher, provided the perfect backdrop for Ben and Katie's special day. The venue's charm and ethereal beauty added an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting love story. The rain, though unexpected, couldn't dampen the spirits of the couple and their guests, thanks to the provision of clear umbrellas that allowed everyone to still revel in the breathtaking forest surroundings. A little bit more about Brookledge:

"We are not a 5 star luxury hotel, we are a 5 tree happy to be nature getaway. If you are looking for 1,000 count sheets, concierge and fine china, Brookledge is not it. If you are looking for stars in the sky, trees and a comfy bed, that is us! Brookledge is a magical oasis set on 60 acres in the rolling hills of Saratoga, NY. We offer a serene space for weddings and private events, as well as cabins and glamping tents for rent. Brookledge is for the nature loving couple who wants to get married amidst the elements—think running streams, moody woods, sunshine and crackling brooks. Located only 10 miles from Saratoga Springs, couples choose Brookledge for their weddings based on the location, privacy and on site lodging in a beautiful serene setting.

Here are some things you can expect:

• Brookledge was once a girls camp called Girls Inc. We still have many buildings, pavilions, bath houses and trails from the original camp.

• When you step outside, you will most likely see chipmunks scurrying from tree to tree. They were here first, but they pay rent in acorns.

• You may get a sudden urge to walk on the trails. It happens, I don’t know why!?!?

• “Camp showers” - yup the same ones that the girls used many many years ago. They are the best! The best if you like concrete floors, cast iron sinks and an Adirondack vibe. I know, it sounds amazing right!"

Getting Ready in the Treehouse Lodge:

The day commenced with Katie and her entourage getting ready in the Treehouse Lodge. Surrounded by the love and support of her family and bridesmaids, Katie's anticipation was met with meticulous care from her mom and aunt, ensuring she looked absolutely perfect for her big day. The unique dried floral bouquet, crafted by Donna Townsend of Sweet Briar Flower Shop, added a touch of elegance and uniqueness to Katie's bridal ensemble.

Ben's excitement reached its peak as he eagerly awaited the first look with his bride. Despite the rain, the couple's love radiated, and Ben was left giddy with awe and happiness as he finally laid eyes on Katie in her stunning wedding attire. The rain couldn't wash away the magic of that moment.

With the rain pouring down, the ceremony was moved under the pavilion. The sound of raindrops on the tin roof created a unique and intimate atmosphere. Despite the weather, the ceremony was filled with love and warmth, showcasing the couple's unwavering commitment to each other.

Post-ceremony, the celebration continued with portraits around the grounds and family formals back at the Treehouse Lodge. The rain may have altered the plans, but it couldn't hinder the joy that filled the air.

Reception Highlights:

The reception kicked off with anticipation from the guests eager to witness the grand entrance of the newlyweds. Illuminated by chandeliers and warm lights lining the pavilion ceiling, Ben and Katie's first dance was a mesmerizing display of love and unity. A surprise rock and roll dance between Katie and her father added a unique touch, highlighting their special bond. Not to forget, Ben's special dance with his mother left not a single dry eye.

Delicious Delights and Dancing: The night unfolded with delicious food by Shawna Jenks, mouth-watering desserts by Karyn Zink, and an unforgettable musical experience provided by Electric Blue DJ Service. The dance floor came alive as the couple and their guests celebrated into the night, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Ben and Katie's wedding at Brookledge was a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the magic that can unfold even on a rainy day. Their story, set against the backdrop of an enchanted venue, serves as a reminder that true love can weather any storm. The vendors involved worked seamlessly to create a day that was as unique and special as the couple themselves, leaving everyone in awe of the beauty that a wedding can bring, rain or shine.

Be sure to check out Brookledge's website and social media pages! I cannot recommend them enough if they fit your vibe. Besides weddings, they make the best weekend getaway with their modernly renovated cabins and glamping tents. Not to mention, the trails offer great exercise, breathtaking views, and an unforgettable experience!

Couple: Katie & Ben Nelson

Photography: Rockwell Photography @g_rockwellphotography

Venue: Brookledge @brookledgeny

Coordinator: Brooke Matrazzo @brooke.matrazzo

Florals: Sweet Briar Flower Shop @sweetbriarflowershop

Desserts: Karyn Zink @karyn_in_the_kitchen

DJ: Electric Blue DJ Service

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